Stoletovo is a table and medical oils for your


We have been taking care of you and your health since 2016 and manufacture products from the best raw materials using the latest technologies.


Due to cold pressing the vitamins, macro- and micro-elements are preserved in our oils in their original form.

Vitamin B


Omega 3

Vitamin Е


Omega 9

Vitamin А


Omega 6

Natural products for your healthy lifestyle

 and good nutrition culture.

Quality raw materials from suppliers

High quality cold


Preservation of beneficial properties and vitamins

Ideal for vegan


Availability and cost of our partners:

Linseed oil

Ideal for salads and for adding in cereals, Suitable for fasting

and vegan food.

Mustard oil

Ideal for salads, pastries and mayonnaise, Suitable for fasting

and vegan food.

Camelina oil

Ideal for salads, vinaigrettes and boiled vegetables, Suitable for fasting

and vegan food.

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